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Welcome to Country Blooms & Co, located in the heart of Estacada, Oregon!

About the Owner

My name is Aubrey Frank (maiden name is van Houte), and I am a born & raised Oregonian. I graduated from Sandy High School in 2016, which is where I developed a love for music (band class is where met the love of my life, but we'll get to our love story!). My whole life I believed I was going to be a professional musician, which is why I was originally going to go to school for music. However, my direction in life changed and I decided that I wanted to enlist! Shortly after graduation, I shipped off to basic training for the U.S. Navy, and I went on to be an Arabic Linguist after training for two years at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California, which was easily the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Upon graduating from DLI, I was stationed at Fort Gordon near Augusta, Georgia for three years. We absolutely loved our life in Georgia, but all of our family is back here in Estacada and the surrounding areas. So here we are again as of July 2021!

Pictured: Me in uniform shortly after advancing to Petty Officer Second Class (E-5)

How I Got Here

In May 2019, I was in a car accident that ultimately ended my Naval career. I sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from the accident, which resulted in my losing the majority of my foreign language capability. I was desperate to try relearning my Arabic, but after months of trying to get it back, I unfortunately lost my linguist position and was transferred to a job in administration while I underwent a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). During the following two years of my recovery and MEB process, I went through a lot of adjustments trying to get my life back. While a part of me was lost to the accident, I had so many people supporting me to try to find a new path in my life just in case my time in the Navy had to come to an end. In March 2021, the MEB determined that I was no longer fit for duty, and that they would be medically retiring me from the service at some point in the near future. July 16th, 2021 was my last day in uniform, and July 28th was my last day in the Navy. I had no clue what I wanted to do once I was a civilian again. I knew after my TBI that going back to school wasn't an option, and I kind of felt lost as to what my options were. But when I saw the flower shop back home went up for sale, I felt called to taking it over! September 1st, 2021 I officially opened up Country Blooms & Co in Downtown Estacada! I've never had any experience in the floral industry whatsoever, but I didn't let that stop me from building my business. The community has been so supportive, and my business is thriving! I specialize in weddings and special events now, but I also love the everyday arrangements I get to put together throughout the week. I've always loved the opportunity to serve people, and I'm so grateful that this job gives me just that!

Pictured: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for my Grand Opening December 17th, 2021

Our Love Story

What's to Come

Thank You for Being Here!